Sunday, January 25, 2015

Majestic Pure Cosmeceuticals Peppermint Essential Oil

Product Description:

Peppermint oil provides a wonderful cooling sensation while it naturally alleviates discomfort. Effective for many respiratory problems, including nasal congestion & the common cold & cough, beneficial for headache & nausea, helps with indigestion& combats inflammation. It can also be used for many other household purposes.  This oil can also be used as a flavoring agent. It contains numerous minerals & nutrients including manganese, iron, magnesium, calcium, folate, potassium & copper. It also contains omega 3 fatty acids, & vitamins A & C.

Majestic Pure Cosmeceuticals peppermint oil offers many health benefits including easing
stomach & head discomfort, repelling bugs, & relieving anxiety, asthma symptoms, fever &
arthritis pain. This oil is so strong that it makes my eyes water & leaves a light burning
sensation on my skin. I like because it's great at relieving congestion when I'm sick. Those who find it to be too potent should combine it with a carrier oil such as jojoba, coconut or almond oil.
                     I received this complimentary in exchange for an honest & unbiased review.

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