Tuesday, March 22, 2016

96 Gel Ink Pen Set by U.S. Art Supply

 Product Description:

   - Mega set of 96 pens: incredible, vibrant & bold colored assortment of superior artist quality gel pens that include Classic, Glitter, Metallic, Neon, Pastel & Swirl Colors (2 pens of 48 unique colors). Super smooth every time. Perfect for the young aspiring artist to the established art professional.

  - Professional quality: Pens are non-toxic & acid free with superior archival quality long lasting vibrant inks that don't smear, fade, or skip. Exceptional writing pens that provide consistent free flowing ink with a smooth glide that allows you to create perfect lines with every use.

  - Unlimited uses: Let your imagination run wild when using these artist quality gel pens as they're ideal for drawing, sketching, coloring, scrapbooking, crafting, doodling or anything else that allows you to show off your creative side like greeting cards, invites, decorating, nail art, tattoos & more!

  - Convenient storage: Pens are stored in 8 convenient organizer trays with individual spots to hold each pen so you can keep all your pens neatly organized & ready for use.               

 The colors of these gel pens are absolutely beautiful. My daughter is completely enamored with them, particularly the glitter ones. I plan to use these to decorate some canvas tote bags & I'm sure they will come out very well. I'm not very fond of the swirl pens because I find that they do indeed skip & I have to keep rewriting in order to get the ink to come out. But other than that, these are wonderful products that I expect will last quite a long time. I would definitely recommend these for kids & adults alike.

                                      These were received complimentary in exchange for an honest review.

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Ozeri 3x Tower Fan

Product Description:

               Featuring unrivaled technology, the new Ozeri 3x Tower Fan defines the latest in stylistic innovation & digital d├ęcor with its visually stunning design, slim form factor & elegant glass base stand.

At less than 3 inches thick, the 3x Tower Fan is one of the world's thinnest fans & boasts 3 independently controllable fans with passive noise cancellation technology for remarkable airflow velocity.

The fan's passive noise reduction technology utilizes the physics of blade curvature to generate mitigating sound waves that reduce blade noise & help isolate the soothing sounds of the airflow itself.

It's engineered with 3 independently controllable fans & 3 speeds, offering up to 9 levels of cooling & the ultimate in customized airflow.

It also features 3 preprogrammed airflow patterns designed to foster sleep, relaxation & comfort with 90 degree whisper-quiet oscillation for optimal air circulation for timely relief on a sweltering summer day or for refreshing circulation all year long.

The Ozeri  Fan has a 7.5 hour timer that can be programmed in 30 minute increments with ease.

All of the fan's features can be easily controlled with its extended-range remote or via the touch sensitive LED control panel.

Its dismountable design only requires the hand assembly of the base using an included large nut, with no tools required.

Satisfaction guaranteed.

This fan is one of the most awesome things I have ever seen in my life. It has a thin, sleek design that's very attractive & might be mistaken for a speaker.  
You can use its remote to make each of the 3 fans work individually or all at once & it swings or remains stationary.
Unlike the majority of fans I have used, this one does not blow hot air, but is able to cool a rather large room. Plus, it saves money on the electric bill since using a fan is much cheaper than air conditioning.
You can't go wrong with this fan. It is awesomeness at its finest. I'm not one to gush & I'm certainly not easily impressed, but I am thoroughly enamored with this fan.


                    This as well as other fine Ozeri products can be found at Amazon.com

                                                               This was received complimentary in exchange for an honest review.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

The New Rules for Love, Sex & Dating by Andy Stanley

                       "Are you the person the person you are looking for is looking for?"

Think that if you met the "right person" everything will turn out "right"? Think again. In The New Rules for Love, Sex & Dating, Andy Stanley explores the challenges, assumptions & land mines associated with dating in the 21st century. Best of all, he offers the most practical & uncensored advice you will ever hear on this topic. Not for the faint of heart, this book challenges singles to step up & set a new standard for this generation.

"If you don't want a marriage like the majority of marriages, then stop dating like the majority of daters!"

     I really didn't think I would learn anything new from this book because I thought had seen, heard & been through it all. But I was sorely mistaken. Initially, I wanted it for my teenage daughter, but as a nearing middle aged woman, I found myself wondering why I never thought about these things before. It's true that you can learn something no matter how old you are. Common sense is not always common.

As a young woman, I was clingy, needy, selfish, & completely insane & yet wondered why my relationships never lasted long. I wanted the young men to change into what I wanted, but it didn't occur to me that perhaps there were some issues I needed to work on before I even thought about being in a relationship. Most people don't acknowledge their own character flaws & walk right into marriage with their eyes closed & then wonder why things aren't working. This book will help to open those eyes.

Not only is "New Rules" packed full of practical advice for any age, whether you're married or single, it actually helped to restore my belief that it is possible to have a healthy, loving marriage that can last a lifetime. Who'd of thunk it? Although Stanley is a Christian pastor, I think people of any religious background will be able to appreciate the wisdom found in this book.

It's well written, engaging & humorous & a must have for those wanting to get married. This is the most useful & interesting book I have reviewed to date. I plan to make it required reading for my daughter whether she wants to read it or not so that she won't end up making the same mistakes I did . EVERYONE SHOULD READ THIS BOOK. Get one for yourself, your kids, & your kid's kids. You'll be glad you did.

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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Wrestling for my Life By Shawn Michaels

In this book, Michaels shares about the highs & lows of his life inside the WWE. Now retired after 25 years in the ring, & looking back on his career & his life of faith, Michaels offers fascinating perspectives on what it means to make tough decisions, how to follow God when it's not easy, & how trying to be a good person can be even harder than trying to break a ladder over a competitor's head. Full of entertaining behind-the-scenes stories & inspirational insights, Michaels reveals what it is like to be a man of faith in a wrestling world that often has no basis in reality. You will experience an intimate look into his career & the profound things he's learned from hunting, family, & faith...

     I've been a wrestling fan for nearly my entire life & I felt like I knew the characters personally, like they were apart of my family. I never dreamt that some struggled with the same issues I deal with today  or that we would have anything in common. After reading Shawn Michael's, "Wrestling for my Life",  I realize that certainly isn't the case.

In the book, Shawn talks about his addictions & the person that he was before he got saved. He discusses being obedient & trusting God to direct his steps in life as well as believing God for finances & putting family & parenthood before his career. These are certainly topics that I as well as many other Christians can identify with.

I enjoyed this book & found it to be an interesting read because I'm a wrestling fan. Those who aren't into wrestling may not feel the same way since the industry is discussed quite a  bit. Nevertheless, it's well written, straight forward & makes a lot of good points pertaining to life as a Christian. For someone who appears to be so rough around the edges in the ring, he presents much wisdom & insight. Fans of this former wrestler will be pleasantly surprised at how much the can learn from "The Heartbreak Kid". I know I was.

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Friday, October 9, 2015

Runaway Radical By Amy & Jonathan Hollingworth

    Jonathan, in his zeal to serve God, gave away all of his belongings & traveled to Africa to serve the needy. The organization he worked with was a controlling one, taking away his privacy & his ability to speak out about the wrongdoings he had witnessed in the church. His plane ticket to return home was withheld until more money was sent to the organization. These among other negative experiences led to Jonathan becoming a prodigal.

When I 1st started reading this book, it was intriguing to me. I felt inspired to do what I could to help those in need. But as it went on, I became bored & confused. I couldn't decipher who the speaker was in the story, the mother or the son. While I feel that it is important to warn people about the negatives of missionary work, this story seems to be quite discouraging. It appears that Jonathan was more focused on what people were doing than on God. Human beings are flawed & unfortunately, they tend to disappoint. But that shouldn't stop us from serving God. There will be unpleasant experiences no matter what the circumstance, but especially when you're trying to do God's work. We should expect the enemy to try to hinder us.

Amy, Jonathan's mother, seemed fairly pissed about what happened to her son & rightly so. But naming names didn't seem like Christian behavior. I got the feeling that this book was written more out of revenge than anything else. Statements like "picking up God's slack" & "God distanced Himself", let's me know beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is NOT a Christian book. I wouldn't recommend it unless you want your faith shattered to piece & you enjoy feeling depressed.

This book was received complimentary from Family Christian in exchange for an honest review. This is a sponsored post. 

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Nature's True Medicine Activated Charcoal

Product Description:
- 100% tasteless, pure,  fine & easy to swallow ensuring that you can quickly stop gas & traveler's diarrhea. Safely pulls unwanted toxins from your stomach.
-All natural ingredients for optimal performanceDoes not contain any harmful fillers that are bad for your health. Safely manufactured in the USA.
- You can easily open the capsule & use the powder to whiten your teeth form coffee, wine, etc. Add to a smoothie, or make a DIY facial mask that soaks up toxins in your skin & eliminates acne. Can also be used for food poisoning & allergic reactions. 
-450 milligrams per capsule providing 2X more than any other charcoal on the market.
-Even your pets can use it!


I first found out about activated charcoal on Pinterest a while back & wanted to try it ever since. Its benefits include teeth whitening, facial exfoliation, detoxification & gas relief. I didn't notice much difference in the color of my teeth when I brushed with it, but it worked great when I opened a few capsules & used the contents as a facial scrub with a few drops of water. My face appeared soft, smooth & bright. Activated charcoal also helped to get rid of the seemingly constant bloat I feel in my stomach & really helps to alleviate digestive issues. The capsules are easy to swallow & contain no harmful fillers which is fantastic. This appears to be a quality product & I would recommend it. 
Check it out for yourself at Amazon.com 
                               This was received complimentary in exchange for an honest & unbiased review.

Monday, April 20, 2015

MeasuPro Blood Pressure Monitor

Product Description:

                MeasuPro is tuned into your needs while monitoring your health on a regular basis. Using advanced technology, this digital upper arm blood pressure monitor provides accurate measurements of your blood pressure & pulse rate. You'll find that it's compact, comfortable & simple to use. Using a highly advanced mechanism, it offers state of the art technology to provide the highest grade accuracy. Measurements are taken through a fast & easy process using measure & inflate technology.

     The pressurized arm cuff auto inflates with the touch of a button & automatically releases the pressure when the measurement is complete. It features a bright LCD display with separate touch buttons for each individual user. It records up to 120 blood pressure readings, 60 readings per user with date & time memory recall. Graphical readings are classified in 5 different levels: normal, pre-hypertension, hypertension stage 1, hypertension stage 2 & hypertensive crisis. It also calculates & averages your blood pressure based on the last 3 readings & detects irregular heartbeats & arrhythmias. This blood pressure monitor ships with 4 AAA batteries (included), medium to large sized arm cuff, carrying bag & user manual.

Although this monitor is very cool & unique the cuff is small & squeezes your arm extremely tight. It made my arm feel like it was about to explode. My daughter, who happens to be very thin, refuses to ever use it again. This monitor does not give accurate readings & displays a much higher BP than it actually is.  MeasuPros BP monitor has a lot of great features & would have been the perfect tool for keeping track of your health. If only it worked properly I would have been happy to recommend it. Unfortunately, I can't do that.

                                                This was received complimentary in exchange for an honest review.