Thursday, April 2, 2015

Hango's Lunch Bags

Product Description:

Hango - Your lunch bag for everywhere. Anytime.
The first lunch bag designed for different situations.
Here are 5 reasons to choose Hango as your lunch bag.

1. It has a set of 2 sizes for different occasions.

2. It has the best thermal insulation - your food is kept longer

3. The zipper is made of stainless steel - much more beautiful & durable

4. High quality material (high density polyester) & a very pretty design

5. It comes with a lifetime warranty so there is literally  no risk

     These lunch bags are really cute, especially the little one. Since it's almost always hot where I live, I like to travel with bottles of water, but they always seem to leak in my purse. These will definitely help with that problem & also keep my water cold. They're great for packing lunches to take to work & school or perhaps the beach. They may also function as cosmetic bags to hold makeup or toiletries while traveling. The pouch they come packaged in could be used to hold a pair of shoes or 2 so your clothes don't get dirty in your suitcase.

                                 These items were received complimentary in exchange for an honest review.

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