Friday, August 22, 2014

                 Cassani Fogless Shower Mirror


Product Description:

        - Uses the latest in anti-fog Nanotechnology which is infused onto the mirror's surface. 

        - Quick & easy cleaning
        - Stainless steel finish
        - Superior adhesive for a safe & secure hold
        - Durable mirror for travel
Kit includes the mirror, hook, & razor holder; No suction cups needed 
I don't need to shave much, but I do like to be able to see myself while getting ready for the day after a hot shower. This mirror helped me to do just that. It's like magic! I have never used a fogless mirror before, so I was very surprised that this worked. At times it did get a tad cloudy, but I was still able to see myself clearly, especially when compared to the regular bathroom mirrors where I couldn't see anything at all. I think that kids in particular would get a kick out of this mirror. I certainly did & no one's a bigger kid than I am.
 Warning: Do not use cleaning products on this mirror. Doing so will remove its anti fog properties. Just use a very soft cloth & warm water & you should be good to go.
 Check out Cassani's fogless shower mirror at
 I received this product free of charge for review.


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